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        1. Hello, welcome to Jiangxi Custer Technology Co., ltd.!
          National advisory hotline:


          CONTACT US

          Contact: Mr Dai

          Mobile phone:15121039365

          Telephone: 0796-8537988

          Business QQ:736192013

          Business WeChat:15121039365


          Address:China's Jiangxi province Jian high and technology industrial park (state-level development zones)

          ABOUT US

          Company Profile Jiangxi ECAST technology co., LTD. (ECAST catalyst) be founded in 2014, the registered capital of 10 million RMB, it located in the Ji’an hi-tech industry park (national level), adjacent to jinggangshan airport, ganyue expressway, beijing-kowloon railway (HSR), the traffic is extremely convenient. The plant has the excellent catalyst production conditions, and the production、 research and development、safety and environmental protection facilities are all so good,and has an experienced production, quality inspection... more>>

          Address:Ji'an high tech Industrial Park, Jiangxi  QQ:736192013
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